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Countryside Cycling in Phuket

Countryside Cycling

Tour duration: Half-day

Every Wednesday & Saturday

A 20 km bike ride from the green interior of Phuket to the remote northeastern coast. Cycle through thick jungle and sleepy villages, across plantations, pineapple fields and shrimp farms. Learn about the farming lifestyle. This half-day bicycle tour is a finely balanced mix of on and off-road cycling, enjoyable for all levels of cyclists. Accom...

Koh Yao Cycling in Phuket

Koh Yao Cycling

Tour duration: Full-day

Every Monday & Thursday

Experience the gorgeous countryside of Koh Yao Noi, by cycling through its' ricefields, jungles and forests of rubber trees. Meet the locals in a self-sufficient farm and pedal through a village on stilts. Spot water buffaloes dozing in muddy pools. Enjoy a break from biking at a quiet beach for lunch, relaxing and swimming. A real island eco-ex...

Rainforest and Waterfall Hiking in Phuket

Rainforest and Waterfall Hiking

Tour duration: Half-day

Every Tuesday & Friday & Sunday

An unforgettable jungle trekking experience in Phuket’s Heart of Darkness. An adventurous and rough 4 hour or approximately 6 km trek through Phuket’s unknown green heart in the spectacular jungle of the Khao Phra Teaw National Park. Hike the Gibbon Trail from Tonsai waterfall to Phuket’s biggest waterfall, Bang Pae.

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About Us

FEELPHUKET - The Leading Cycling & Hiking Tour Company In Phuket

Feelphuket is the leading Bike&Hike tour company on Phuket island. Since 2014, we have specialized in cycling tours and walking and hiking tours in and around Phuket. Small-group nature excursions with off the beaten track itineraries, developed and operated in close cooperation with the locals. Whenever you join our active outdoor tours, you will immediately notice our dedication to sustainable tourism and eco-tourism. Fun is another important part of our active nature trips, be it a picnic on a gorgeous beach while cycling or a shower under a tropical waterfall while hiking in the jungle.

Having started originally on Koh Yao Noi, Feelphuket is the leading cycling tour operator for your Koh Yao cycling tours. Only a short boat trip away from Phuket, Koh Yao Noi is the perfect settings for an unforgettable mountainbike adventure. Our full-day cycling tour on the peaceful island of Koh Yao Noi, Phuket’s quiet neighbor, is easily the most varied cycling tour in the Phuket area. With both off-road cycling and on-road cycling, this cycling tour is great outdoor fun for all levels.

A full-day biking tour with a mix of small local villages, a self-sustainable farm, rice paddies, jungle cycling trails, cycling with wide open ocean views and a boat trip to a gorgeous beach for picnic, swimming and relaxing. If you enjoy countryside cycling trails, local life and quiet beaches, than this small group full-day mountainbike tour is a must do for your Phuket holiday.

For a half-day bike experience on Phuket island itself, join our Countryside Cycling tour, through the unseen back roads, trails and jungles of the Pearl of the South before finishing on the beach of the Sirinath national park at Nai Yang. A brand new and exciting biking adventure that starts in July 2022.

Looking for a tropical rainforest experience? Join us for a half-day hike in the Khao Phra Taew national park, right in the heart of Phuket, for a unique trekking adventure. The Khao Phra Taew national park harbours a stunning tropical rainforest with a varied wildlife and 2 lovely waterfalls.

The park is largely ignored by tourism, the hiking trails are often almost overgrown by dense jungle, but our professional guides will lead you smoothly through Phuket’s largest rainforest sanctuary, far beyond the public access area of the park. While hiking in this evergreen forest in the heart of Phuket, you might spot a rare Gibbon ape, as this dense jungle is the last natural sanctuary for Gibbons on Thailand’s biggest island. A visit to the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center is at the moment not included in the Rainforest & Waterfall Hiking tour, as the center is still closed for visitors because of covid.

All tours presented on this site are organized by Feelphuket and operated in small groups. Every tour involves an enjoyable level of physical activity and offers you an authentic Thai nature experience away from the crowds. Cycling or walking is the perfect way to discover. Explore this site, book and enjoy an exciting holiday adventure.